August 23, 2016 by Mitch Taube Categories: Document Scanning

Large format documents like architectural plans, engineering drawings and blueprints are usually stored in flat drawers, tubes or hanging files. Searching for a particular item stored in such a way can be a frustrating and slow process, one that gets worse when time is limited. The most popular methods of physical storage also don’t completely protect the documents from the wear and tear of regular use, they don’t prevent someone from holding onto a document too long and they can disrupt workflow. Furthermore, they don’t give you a backup if the document is ever lost or misplaced.

Beyond these concerns, facility managers need to think about what they would do in an emergency. With nothing but hard copies stored in a specific place on the premises, building plans will be inaccessible in the event of a natural disaster or on-site emergency. And without remote access available, there’s no way to share the information with authorities who might be able to help during an emergency.

Large format document scanning provides a much better management method, one that can make facility managers indispensable to their companies.

Large Format Scanning: Access Your Documents from the Cloud

The problems with wide format documents disappear with digitization. Scanning and loading these plans and drawings into a cloud document management system gives facility managers greater access to, and greater protection for, the information contained on them.

Instead of rummaging through flat drawers or boxes of tubes to find the plan they need, a simple search reveals a given document quickly and efficiently on any computer or mobile device. These digital versions of the documents can be shared with many people at once without needing to make actual copies, and remote access will be available throughout an emergency.

That same remote access brings the peace of mind that comes from not having to worry about the documents themselves being lost in a fire or flood, and companies will find potential for real estate savings when they are no longer in need of huge on-site storage space.

More Information, Better Organization with Digitization

Large format scanning streamlines the information sharing process and protects important documents from damage and disaster. When facility managers scan architectural plans, circuit drawings and other large format documents into a cloud document management system, they make things easier on themselves and the C-level executives they serve. Because of this, digitization is a great way for facility managers to show initiative and begin the process of becoming strategic management partners at their workplace.

For more information on how facility management is evolving as an industry, read the white paper Redefining the Executive View of Facility Management from the International Facility Management Association.