October 28, 2014 by Mitch Taube Categories: Office Automation

Since the beginning of the current economic recovery, many organizations have been reluctant to hire in order to keep overhead down. Even those who are growing, organically or through acquisition, want to avoid hiring additional staff especially for handling clerical tasks like processing invoices. How can organizations stay lean with an increasing workload?

Document Management & Workflow Automation Software

One way to effectively handle growth without increasing personnel costs is by automating paper-based processes so that more can be done with less people. An effective way to do this is by utilizing document management and workflow automation software – especially now that this software is more cost-effective than ever before, as on-premise software or in the cloud.

Gains in Efficiency, Accountability & Transparency

As its primary goal, document management and workflow automation software improves efficiency and productivity by making documents easier to process, file, find and share. This effectively eliminates manual handling and expedites processing of your critical documents. It also makes it easier and more secure for you to store and access your documents from any PC or mobile device.

The Result: organizations can repurpose clerical personnel from basic paperwork duties to performing higher level work and/or can handle increasing volumes of work without staff additions. The software’s ability to track changes and workflow monitoring allows for more employee accountability and process transparency to management, and with a much lower risk of losing documents.

The same holds true for the IT department when using cloud document management software, which requires zero IT resources to maintain. And, if there is any disruption due to power outages or weather, cloud document management software helps to ensure business continuity.

Integration with Backend Systems

Once stored in document management software, a firm’s documents can be securely stored and accessed within seconds from enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), accounting software and other back-end applications. Just make sure to use an experienced document management partner to ensure this integration is set up correctly.

Stay Lean & Thrive

With a document management and workflow automation software in place, organizations can reap enormous efficiency gains, cut costs and handle increasing volumes of work with their current workforce for manual paper based process, including invoice processing and order processing. This software also helps organizations protect themselves from the next economic downturns as their processes and documents will all be in place and preserved should the need arise to pare down even a lean workforce.

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