Choosing a document management company to handle your transition to accounts payable automation is no small task. Make the choice on a whim, and you might end up holding your business back instead of moving it forward. Do your business a favor and ensure your automation partner in Boston, MA, has an APSC certification before going forward with your decision to automate invoice processing.

APSC stands for “Accredited Payables Solutions Consultant,” a designation given by the Accounts Payable Network, part of the Institute of Finance and Management. Any person receiving this certification has achieved a sound understanding of the AP process, as well as a familiarity with tools and strategies that will enhance your existing processes. An APSC can analyze and discuss a wide variety of issues and solutions, including those involved in the move to paperless accounts payable process.

APSC Consultants Offer Unique Value to Your AP Process

Digiscribe New England has an Accredited Payables Solutions Consultant on our staff, making us a go-to source for document management solutions in Boston and throughout New England. Other companies may not be able to offer such a comprehensive understanding of the accounts payable automation process and may even subcontract the job to a third-party. We provide both an experienced team and in-house technical services, and our APSC was trained in process controls, payment options, IT and tech issues, fraud, government regulations and more.

APSCs bring value to the automation of your accounts payable process. Their understanding of the process is recognized and respected, with credentials that deliver a forward-thinking approach to your particular needs. After all, when you process thousands of invoices a month, you can’t take any chances on your move to paperless accounts payable processes. Entering into a partnership with a company that has an APSC ensures the peace of mind your company deserves as it embarks on what can otherwise be a nerve-wracking endeavor.

Let us Improve Your Accounts Payable Process

Look far and wide throughout New England, from Boston, MA on up to Maine, and you’ll find plenty of companies claiming they can help but few that can prove it the way Digiscribe New England can.

When you’re ready to automate accounts payable, call us at (888) 294-1965 to get started.

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