June 7, 2017 by Mitch Taube Categories: Digital Mailroom, Office Automation

As your business continues to be successful, with top-line growth steadily increasing along with staff numbers and a strong market presence, it’s likely you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your bottom line as well. It’s simple in theory; the more efficient your business is, the less you’re spending on things that don’t boost your profits.

In your search for ways to increase the efficiency of your business, you’ve no doubt stumbled across the concept of office automation. Office automation helps you whittle business processes down to their leanest forms by eliminating unnecessary steps and excess time and materials.

Analysis by McKinsey & Company in 2015 suggested that 60% of occupations could have more than 30% of their activities automated – think activities like rote paperwork. Automating rote tasks allows companies like yours to spend less money for staff to complete time-consuming clerical tasks and reinvest it into more profitable activities (or just enjoy the savings).

Many large companies find it hard to keep up with incoming mail and email – after a certain point, inbox zero is merely a pipe dream and so is a clutter-free desk. So, if you don’t know exactly where to begin in automating your business processes, a smart starting point is to go digital with your mailroom.

Digitizing your mailroom means that all incoming mail is directed to one dedicated P.O. box. After receipt and pick up, the mail is opened, scanned, digitized, and electronically routed straight to the appropriate parties within your organization. That means invoices can be processed right away, your remote staff can have easy access to physical mail, and you can reallocate all that extra office space you were using for mail processing.

You can also choose to automate your email. Much like with paper mail, incoming email is monitored for you. Documents received embedded in emails or as attachments will be converted to the appropriate file formats, broken down into individual files, and indexed to allow them to smoothly enter your business workflows.

Here’s a concrete example: among many other benefits, Massachusetts-based organization CLEAResult uses digital mailroom services to be able to process files 30% faster. Yep, 30%!

CLEAResult conducts home energy assessments for Massachusetts residents, resulting in up to 30 documents per assessment including contracts, receipts, notes, and more. With 40,000 customers per year, that means CLEAResult has more than 35,000 documents to deal with every week, and their previous method of processing them manually wasn’t working.

Now that CLEAResult has partnered with Digiscribe to digitize their mailroom, the contractors who conduct the home energy assessments mail their documents directly to Digiscribe. Once received, the HEA documents are prepped, scanned and indexed by site, project, customer, and one of 25 different document types, then securely uploaded to CLEAResult’s document management software to begin an automated approval workflow.

Processing the post-assessment documents more quickly means CLEAResult can in turn analyze the findings and propose solutions to customers more quickly; they’re now able to handle 10-20% more volume without having hired any additional staff.

Both field consultants and customer service representatives are able to do their jobs better by having instant access to the documents they need, whether they’re on the go or at a desk. Plus, back-office staff can now focus their energies on more challenging work that adds value rather than repetitive paperwork.

So, are you ready to take your large business to the next level and embrace automation? Will you start by digitizing your mailroom like CLEAResult did? Download our checklist to see if it’s time for your business to go digital with its mailroom, or learn more about how automation can improve your bottom line here.

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