April 7, 2015 by Mitch Taube Categories: Office Automation

Document management and workflow automation software streamline and automate many critical business processes such as accounts payable, order fulfillment and HR. This becomes an even more powerful solution when the software is integrated with your existing enterprise resource planning or human resource systems.

Take Control of Your Processes

In my most recent contribution to Workflow Magazine, I explain how workflow automation software integrated with an order fulfillment system brings significant benefits that help set the company apart from the competition. Here’s a short excerpt from the post:

“Think of a busy order fulfillment group, with stacks of incoming orders on each employee’s desk, waiting to be reviewed, approved and processed. You can imagine each order form going from one desk to the next throughout the manual process, needing additional data to be gathered before an order was approved. This cumbersome and slow process would be difficult for management to track or keep an overview of.

By contrast, integrating workflow automation software with an ERP system automates and streamlines the entire process. You have more time, insight and control, all of which help you to over-deliver and amaze clients with speed and efficiency.

Let’s look at what a typical automated scenario might look like…”

You can view the rest of the post, “Workflow Automation and ERP Integration: Your Way to Outperform the Competition,” on the Workflow website as well as my other contributions to Workflow.

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