July 20, 2016 by Mitch Taube Categories: Software & Products

Document scanning with workflow automation is a great way for businesses to modernize and improve efficiency. Processes that previously took days or weeks can now take hours or minutes, capturing information becomes more accurate and less time consuming and converting mail and paper files into digital files no longer requires a dedicated, on-site, otherwise superfluous staff. Digitization is a great idea for any business and our expertise makes us a great choice for implementing it at your organization.

But don’t take our word for it. Digiscribe’s partner, PeopleDoc, trusts us to be their sole scanning partner, and given the size of their business, that’s a recommendation with some serious weight behind it.

PeopleDoc is an international human resources software company that provides cloud-based HR service delivery solutions to multinational organizations with thousands of employees. Their HR document management solution provides traditionally paper-based companies working with multiple HR software silos a streamlined and automated HR management process previously impossible at that scale.

As their sole scanning partner, we digitize millions of paper HR files at our SOC 2 Type 2 scanning facility. We convert their clients’ human resource paper files to digital files with document scanning and indexing services and load them into the PeopleDoc’s platform. This allows their clients to gain a leg up on legal and organizational issues (like improved compliance, audit response and eliminating their need for on-site storage) with which other, similarly-sized companies, struggle.

Our document scanning and indexing process can be adapted to companies or departments of any size. Scaling up to meet the needs of PeopleDoc’s clients is no issue at all, and the automated, personalized experience that large companies count on when using the PeopleDoc platform is made possible with Digiscribe’s scanning services.

For an idea of the companies PeopleDoc works with, check out their Customers page.

Digiscribe’s alliance with PeopleDoc is something about which we couldn’t be prouder, and it’s a great indicator of the kind of scanning and indexing work we can do for firms of all sizes.

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