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It’s no secret that employment related lawsuits are a major threat to businesses of all sizes. They’ve been on the rise for years; here are some sobering facts*:

  • About three-fourths of all litigation against companies originates from employment disputes
  • Almost half of Employment Practice lawsuits involve private businesses who have a staff of 15-100 workers
  • The cost of defending your company from an employment related lawsuit can easily exceed $100,000 per incident
  • Even solid HR practices don’t preclude a company from being involved in an Employment Practice suit

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Paper applications create legal exposure

When it comes to the legal process, having all of the pertinent documents stored in paper form can present some major problems.

For one thing, responding to the discovery process in a timely, compliant manner can be very difficult when you need to hunt down old applications that are stored in boxes. This is even more painstaking if you’ve moved them to an offsite location, and can create delays and even compliance risks that can result in more legal hassles and significant fines.

Paper documents are also prone to being misplaced. If you happen to be involved in an employee related lawsuit, being unable to locate even a single job application could easily compromise your entire case.

Additionally, using key employees’ time on the task of locating employee applications from storage units can be a major leak in terms of productivity, manhours, and your organization’s bottom line.

Scanning employee applications can minimize your risk

When you scan employee applications, you’re creating digitized versions of each and every application. These are then stored in a single document management system, where they are indexed and easy to search for and find in case of a legal dispute; you can easily print out applications or email them to the appropriate parties as an image file. Not only is this faster and more efficient than looking for paper applications, it also helps you increase your chances of ending up with a favorable legal outcome.

Scanning and storing your employee applications also saves your company space and storage costs, while making your workplace safer and more productive.

For all of these reasons, storing employee applications in a single digital system (typically within a safe and secure cloud-based environment) is a smart step that more and more businesses of all sizes are taking to protect themselves from employment practice litigation.

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