October 22, 2013 by Susan Matthews Categories: Document Management

Competition in all industries has never been stronger, so businesses, medical practices and non-profit organizations seek to provide the highest level of customer service as a key differentiator. The challenge for organizations with multiple locations is getting easy access to customer information to quickly serve their customer no matter where they are.

A new customer service best practice has recently emerged utilizing cloud document management for centralized and instant access to critical documents from any location.

Cloud Benefits

By scanning documents wherever they are received and uploading them to secure cloud document management software, all office locations will now have instant access to information that was previously impossible to access or that likely took days to be delivered to multiple locations. This expedites delivery of services no matter what location a customer or client is in. CFOs will also appreciate that document transportation costs can be reduced to zero.

Additional cloud document management benefits include:

  • Increased processing efficiency for higher levels of customer/patient service
  • Secure web browser access from any location on any computer, laptop or mobile device
  • Dramatically reduced risk of losing documents
  • Gaining a competitive advantage

The nominal monthly fee of cloud document management may actually cost less than what it costs you to copy, fax and send documents to the other office locations today. Cloud document management also allows you to serve more customers faster and more efficiently.

Document Scanning Best Practices

Once documents are in the cloud, they can be accessed anywhere and anytime, but what’s the best way to securely scan them into cloud document management software? We recommend using desktop document scanners and document scanning software to ensure the fastest and highest quality scanning of customer documents—otherwise your team may have instant access to illegible information, defeating the purpose. A document scanning company can provide the necessary hardware, software, training, and support for the best desktop scanning solution.

How Cloud Document Management Enhances Patient Care

A physical therapy group with multiple locations utilizes document scanning and cloud document management software to provide access to client files in any of their offices immediately following the on-boarding of a new patient. Now, any office can access prescriptions and other medical records in seconds, regardless of which location the patient goes to for services. Additionally, the time once spent on filing, copying, faxing, and emailing patient information can instead be used to provide better patient care.

Experience Instant Remote Document Access

If you have remote locations and difficulty sharing critical paperwork between offices, it’s time to look at the cloud as a way to ensure secure, remote and instant document access. Desktop scanning and cloud document management software may be the best way to make your documents easily accessible.

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