December 2, 2014 by Mitch Taube Categories: Solutions

You’re staring at a huge pile of paid invoices taking up space in your restaurant’s already crowded office. You’ll need to hang on to these documents for the next seven years, but storing them on site can lead to all sorts of challenges, like:

  • Lack of space
  • Security issues
  • Duplicate payments to vendors
  • Delayed delivery of supplies
  • Auditing hassles
  • Disgruntled employees
  • And even fire hazard

Fortunately, document management software offers a way to free up space, while also making your accounts payable process more efficient. Scanning documents lets you store them in the cloud (or digitally in-house if you prefer) as well as retrieve and share them electronically, transforming your foodservice business in a number of favorable ways.

Gain extra space

Ridding your restaurant of huge stacks of paper lets you devote more of your precious square footage to operations that earn you money, rather than administrative tasks. You’ll also have additional room in case you need to hire an extra office employee (or two).

Increase security

Having your financial documents lying around in boxes leaves them accessible to random employees and susceptible to flood, fire, or even simply being misplaced. On the other hand, having them stored in a secure document management system protects them from all of the above, and lets you add users as you see fit, designating each person with their own individual access level for maximum security.

Avoid paying vendors twice

You’ve probably experienced some form of the following scenario: One of your vendors calls, insisting they’re still waiting on a payment from the month before. You know they’re mistaken, but the only way you can prove it is to painstakingly track down the paper trail–or you can forget about this week’s delivery. Using our document management software, you can quickly search for the invoice in question right from your computer or mobile device, and retrieve the check number for the vendor right there on the phone. Problem solved.

Easier audits

No one enjoys being audited, but document management software makes the process less painful and intrusive than ever before. Instead of manually going through your restaurant to pore over invoices, auditors can gain access to your scanned documents remotely, without interrupting your daily flow of business.

Happier, healthier, more productive staff

Scanning accounts payable documents and taking advantage of document management software instantly makes your employees happier and more productive, as they’re able to spend less time managing paper storage and more time on their core jobs. Drastically reducing the amount of paper clutter in your restaurant also minimizes your risk of fire, creating a safer environment and reducing your liability.

Make paper storage a thing of the past

Whether you choose our cloud-based or in-house document management software, you’ll get an easy and affordable way to securely store, retrieve, share, and track post-processed accounts payable documents. Plus, you always have the option to print any documents you need to, with just one click. Can you think of a better way to free up space and make your restaurant run more efficiently?

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