October 5, 2012 by Mitch Taube Categories: Solutions

Both internal and external forces drive the information that HR departments must manage. Federal, state and even local government regulations require gathering documents for when an employee is hired and dismissed. Internal policies require gathering documents for employee training, staff reviews, confidentiality rules and other corporate policies. Benefits administration represents a whole extra set of documents that must be managed.

For small companies with few employees, these documents and processes are usually managed by paper. However, as a company grows, hires more people and opens more offices, capturing information with e-forms enables your team to spend more time on value-added activities and less time managing paperwork.

Self-Service E-Forms

E-forms can streamline employee on-boarding, benefits administration and corporate policy implementation. Being very simple to setup, HR departments can now have employees use e-forms to go online and complete vacation requests, benefits changes, performance reviews, and employee policy acknowledgements, which can then be automatically routed for approval, automatically uploaded to a HRM system and ultimately archived in a document management system—thereby eliminating the paper. These forms can be made accessible anywhere that an employee happens to be with access via their mobile device and laptop browsers, providing true self-service. No more FedEx-ing paperwork back and forth with people in the field.

A common misperception is that e-forms are just fillable PDFs. Instead, the data captured in e-forms is live and automatically extrapolated to populate human resources management systems (HRMS) providing additional economies of scale and process improvement opportunities. This allows you to spend less time shuffling paperwork, hunting people down for approvals and answering routine questions, and more time developing policies and solving other problems that enhance the employee work experience. Since these processes are electronic, you spend fewer resources to serve a larger population.

Free Your Organization from Paper

Going paperless can help you reduce your HR administrative costs and improve your ability to respond to your employees needs. Instead of spending time and money tracking and filing paperwork, you can position your department to provide more strategic capabilities to your organization—putting more “human” into HR and less paper. Let us know if we can help.

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