October 2, 2014 by Susan Matthews Categories: Office Automation

Much has been made of business process automation (BPA), but many productivity problems occur at the source: where documents enter the organization, particularly transactional paper documents received in the mailroom. What is the best way to increase mailroom efficiency and increase productivity throughout your organization? Outsourcing and workflow automation is the answer, and here are 4 reasons why.

1. Reduce Invoice Processing Time & Costs

When invoices are processed within hours instead of days or weeks, organizations have the option to take advantage of early payment discounts – and are less likely to make duplicate payments or to threaten vendor relationships because of late payments. The best way to process invoices most expediently is to scan them as soon as they arrive and electronically route them for review and approval.

2. Streamline Expense Reporting & Reimbursement

Happy employees tend to be more productive, particularly for those in the field that get reimbursed promptly after sending in expense reports. Converting paper reports and receipts to digital documents as soon as they are received and electronically distributing them for approval expedites reimbursement. Outsourcing the scanning of the receipts is critical as they can be some of the most difficult documents to scan, given their small size, poor quality of printing and slick paper, which requires the right type of scanners and scanning expertise.

3. Avoid Regulatory Fines

In some industries like insurance, claims and other transactional documents need to be responded to within a limited window of time. Fines from regulatory agencies can be avoided when these documents are scanned and electronically routed to the right people for expedited processing as soon as they are received.

4. Enhance Customer Service

Whether for new accounts being opened or change requests, customers expect their needs to be dealt with quickly. Otherwise, they will complain on social media and/or migrate to the competition. Electronically distributing and tracking the wide variety of forms and correspondence for customer service and sales immediately upon receipt will not only enhance customer service but could also create a competitive advantage.

Mailroom Productivity: from Theory to Reality

In addition to the 4 reasons listed above, mailrooms are non-core operations that are labor intensive and time-sensitive – 2 additional reasons that make their outsourcing a no-brainer. Just make sure you find a mailroom outsourcing partner that has the processes, equipment and experienced personnel you can count on to scan and distribute electronic documents when you need them.

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