March 21, 2012 by Mitch Taube Categories: Document Scanning

This year marks Digiscribe’s eleventh year in business, and my 21st year in the document management industry. Things have certainly changed from the early days of microfilming to today’s cloud-based services.

To help you navigate the current offerings of document scanning solutions, below are ten lessons I have learned about document management.

  1. Indexing is King. If you can’t get back to your scanned documents they’re as useful as misplaced or misfiled paper documents. Make sure your digitized documents are indexed correctly.
  2. No Two Jobs Are the Same. Project specific document management services are necessary as no two projects are ever the same.
  3. Take Small Steps. Implement a document management system in one paper-centric department, such as accounts payable, achieve success and roll-out to other departments.
  4. Focus On Your Core Business. Do what you do best and outsource the rest.
  5. Do Your Due Diligence. Visit a document scanning service provider before making a decision to use their services.
  6. Perception vs. Reality. Although it is a good first step towards document management, there are many hidden inefficiencies and costs associated with using a multi-function device to scan documents and then store the images in a Windows folder environment on a server.
  7. Great Side Benefits. Quicker and easier external audits and improved document sharing throughout the organization are two examples of added benefits of document management.
  8. A Level Playing Field. Document management is not only for Fortune 500 companies as advances in technology coupled with significantly lower costs for hardware and software have allowed companies of all sizes to benefit from document scanning and document management systems.
  9. The Cloud Catches On. Cloud-based services (like ImageSilo) have become the standard as they require no capital investment, demand no additional IT support and provide secure web-based access 24×7.
  10. I Love My Work. Helping companies increase efficiency, cut costs and improve knowledge sharing across the organization with secure and reliable document management solutions is personally rewarding and energizing. I love what I do!

Is your company scanning documents and managing them through a full-featured document management system? What are your experiences?