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Everyone at Digiscribe hopes you had a great Thanksgiving holiday. To get in the holiday spirit this weekend, we found some questions from Aristotle to test your Thanksgiving knowledge.

  1. When was the first Thanksgiving celebration?
  2. Where was the turkey first domesticated?
  3. What is a female turkey called?
  4. What is a male turkey called?
  5. What great American statesman lobbied to make the turkey the national symbol?
  6. Which president attempted to move the Thanksgiving holiday to the fourth Thursday in November to create a longer Christmas shopping season?
  7. Which state produces the most turkeys annually?
  8. What Native American tribe celebrated the first Thanksgiving with the colonists?
  9. Approximately what percentage of American homes eats turkey on Thanksgiving?
  10. What is the name of the skin that hangs from a turkey’s neck?
  11. Which country consumes the most turkey per year per capita?
  12. What is the best way to defrost a turkey?

You can find the answers to the quiz below.

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