May 11, 2012 by Susan Matthews Categories: Document Scanning

Multi-function copiers are prevalent in many organizations. But when companies rely on them for scanning documents and storing digitized images safely and securely for easy accessibility, multi-function devices aren’t necessarily the best solution.

Replacing those multi-function printers (MFP) isn’t the only option, however. Management can choose, instead, to leverage existing multi-function devices with the addition of full-featured document scanning software and centralized document management services.

Planned Document Scanning vs. Real World Execution

You may not be aware of the hidden inefficiencies and costs associated with document imaging using your MFP. Here are some common scenarios:

  • Limited accessibility to the MFD
  • Difficulty finding scanned images
  • Time-consuming scanning
  • Paper-size limitations
  • Questions of legality
  • Wasted server space due to improper scanning settings

Leverage Your MFD with Document Scanning and Document Management Software

It is possible to greatly improve your document scanning processes with robust document scanning and document management software working in conjunction with your MFD. Such applications are surprisingly economical, especially when increased efficiency and the security they provide are factored in.

Companies realize immediate benefits when combining their multi-function devices with full-featured document imaging and document management software:

  • Increased employee efficiency
  • Automated and streamlined processing
  • Improved document security and accessibility
  • Automated retention schedules
  • Secure and dependable back-up
  • Reduced storage space required

Converting Your Firm to Efficient Document Scanning & Secure Document Management

Enhancing your company’s document management strategy without replacing existing multi-function printers/copiers is probably simpler and less expensive than you think. Contact a document management services specialist to help you evaluate your existing processes and implement improvements with full-featured document scanning software and document management solutions. Stepping up without starting over may be the best management decision for you.