September 24, 2013 by Susan Matthews Categories: Document Management

For a business, what’s worse than a natural disaster? Consider the enormous legal and financial risk of losing contracts, documents needed to prove compliance, and other critical information kept on paper. Not being able to produce these documents can result in lost business, regulatory fines and increased exposure to legal action. Minimizing this risk has never been more preventable and affordable with secure cloud document management software.

Compliance Continuity

Particularly in heavily regulated industries such as government contracting, pharmaceuticals and biotech research, companies need to be prepared for the worst-case scenario before it’s too late. Paper can easily be destroyed by fire and water, whether it’s a natural disaster or a pipe bursting, so the information contained on these documents needs to be digitized.

Because servers on-site can be destroyed along with paper, storing documents electronically off-site in the cloud ensures continuous, secure and reliable access to all of your documents. This is critically important when documents are needed for presentation to regulators, litigators, customers, or whoever needs them—before, during and after a disaster.

Because you don’t need to make a capital investment to get started, the minimal monthly cost of cloud document management is sure to cost a fraction of what it costs to lose irreplaceable documents.

Disaster Case in Point

Two years ago, a tornado ripped off the roof of a defense contractor’s building, causing some critical documents to be lost. These documents contained parts information for military equipment as well as quality control records that must be kept on file for regulatory reasons.

The company now uses cloud document management to ensure no documents are ever lost due to a disaster (or for any other reason). Cloud document management also helps them save space once consumed by file cabinets, allows for instant accessibility from any location with internet access, and ensures regulatory compliance.

Disaster Prevention Next Steps

Cloud document management represents the most affordable disaster prevention in that its cost is nominal and it dramatically reduces the risk of lost documents from disasters, natural or man-made. Not all clouds are the same, so be sure that your data center is SSAE 16-certified for the highest level of security and server up-time.

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