April 4, 2012 by Mitch Taube Categories: Industry News & Insights

A recent Industry Watch paper from AIIM, the global community of informational professionals, addresses whether the paper free office is a dream or reality. While there is movement towards becoming paper free, I think it is more appropriate to say businesses, medical offices and non-profit organizations are becoming “paper light”.

Follows are some key findings from the study that support the cost and efficiency benefits of going paperless with document scanning services and document management solutions.

  • Improved sharability and searchability is the biggest reason why companies scan their documents and capture information electronically, followed by improvements in productivity and reduced storage space. Quickly and easily locating a business critical document and seamlessly sharing it across your organization strengthens your competitive advantage and improves efficiency.
  • Electronic-only filing would halve the storage space needed for paper in 5 years. The average proportion of office space taken up by paper is now 15.3%, and it would drop to 7.4% with an all-electronic filing policy, a saving of nearly 8% in overall office costs. Considering real estate costs in New York and other major cities, that would be a substantial amount of cost savings.
  • On average, respondents using scanning and capture consider that it improves the speed of response to customers, suppliers, citizens or staff by 6-times or more. 70% estimate an improvement of at least 3-times, and nearly a third (29%) see an improvement of 10-times or more.
  • 42% of users have achieved a payback period of 12 months or less from their scanning and capture investments.57% are posting a payback of 18-months or less.
  • Overall there is less paper floating around the office – especially in the biggest organizations, but not across all size companies: “While the consumption of paper and the number of photocopies is decreasing in 35% of organizations, it is increasing in 32% of organizations.”

Is your organization paperless, paper light or paper heavy? Have you thought about transitioning your paper heavy departments, such as accounts payable and human resources, to paper light?

To learn more about how to go paperless, contact an experienced document management service provider to help you eliminate the paper in your critical business processes. To learn more about the realities of a paper free office, download the full AIIM Industry Watch report here.

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