To match today’s speed-of-business, documents must be mobilized throughout an organization at the earliest opportunity making them available to whoever needs it, wherever they are, and in the shortest possible time. Once documents are moved from paper to PC with document scanning services or e-forms, they can be fed directly to a business process with workflow automation services. “The Process Revolution” report by AIIM tracks the progress of paper-free processes, the benefits and the ROI.

Why Join the Automated Process Revolution?

  • Companies realize 30% to 50% process productivity gains and 3 to 10 times reduction in turnaround times when automating paper-based processes.
  • 70% of revolutionaries consider that the use of scanning and capture improves the speed of response to customers, suppliers, citizens or staff by three-times or more. Nearly 30% put the factor as ten times or more.
  • 52% of respondents report that administrative staff in their organization would be a third or more productive if their processes were work-flowed using scanned forms and documents, with automated data capture.
  • Gain a competitive advantage. Despite the acknowledged benefits, a third of small and mid-sized companies and 22% of the largest have yet to adopt any paper-free processes. Over half report that 10% or less of the processes that could be paper-free have so far been addressed.

Automating your Processes is Easier Than You Think

  • Audit your processes to see where paper slows throughput, adds process steps, or restricts transparency and reporting.
  • Look at how physical handling of incoming mail site-by-site might better be centralized, processed in higher volume, and distributed electronically.
  • If you are already using scanning, consider how much “closer to the door” you could be going electronic, and how that might transform who does the subsequent processing and where they might be located.
  • Evaluate the latest technology for capturing data from forms and invoices, and look to process a higher proportion of your documents automatically.

Taking positive action to question the use of paper in any process is the first step to improved productivity gains, reduced costs and a strengthened competitive advantage.

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