May 18, 2012 by Mitch Taube Categories: Document Scanning

Making a decision to implement document management and document scanning services in your company does not have to be a difficult one.

Ask yourself these 12 questions to help determine if automating your business processes in paper intensive departments is right for your company.  Consider the way you currently manage, process and store documents in areas such as accounts payable, human resources, medical records and lab notebooks.

  1. Are your documents and files always available when someone needs them?
  2. Can you quickly share a document with others?
  3. What would happen to your documents if a fire or other natural disaster struck your business?
  4. Can you easily manage document revisions and track who has touched a document?
  5. Do you want to reclaim up to 99% of office space used by filing cabinets and storage?
  6. Do you have any security or compliance concerns with how you currently process your documents?
  7. Do you want to eliminate the need for data entry or filing of forms?
  8. Are missed vendor discounts or timely invoice approvals ever a problem?
  9. Do you want to provide better, faster and more reliable customer service?
  10. Do you have any security or regulatory concerns related to sensitive information contained in your HR files?
  11. Do you have immediate access to all associated patient data through your EMR system?
  12. Do you have access to your research lab’s complete record of research protocols and results necessary for meeting government regulatory compliance guidelines?

If you think a document scanning and document management solution is right for you, learn more about Digiscribe’s department and industry specific solutions.

AIIM President John Mancini’s, eBook, “8 Things You Need To Know About Getting Rid of Paper,” is a also a good resource. I was honored to appear as a guest blogger in this e-book.