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ABC Home Healthcare

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  • Healthcare / Medical


  • Eliminate triplicate filing and maintenance of paper files
  • Reallocate storage space
  • Care coordinators needed easier access to client records


  • Outsource the scanning and indexing of existing client records
  • In-house document management software securely stores, tracks and manages all digitized files and authorization documents received electronically
  • Implement an easy-to-use in-house scanning system for accounts payable, human resources and other departments
  • Upload incoming electronic documents to document management software


  • 1,000 hours of employee productivity gained annually
  • $35,000 in employee pay recouped annually
  • Storage room converted to a break room, making for happier employees
  • Care coordinators have immediate access to client records
  • Management has remote access to documents via VPN
  • Rolled-out document management software throughout organization to leverage initial investment


“We were drowning in paper,” recalled Joan Lepore, CFO of ABC. Their 200 employees serve 600 clients every week, with each needing to fill out reports and narrative time sheets weekly. Each report included care plans, medical authorizations and medical documents. The resulting 800+ documents would then be manually processed with many of the documents filed in triplicate, so that copies were in each client file, accounts receivable file and funder’s file.

Spending time filing and maintaining files is bad enough, but what happens when no one is willing to do the job for you? “I can’t find anyone that likes to file for hours on end,” said Lepore. “Our filing always had a backlog. Many times, when looking for current documents, you would have to look through the ‘to be filed pile.’”

Filing wasn’t the only issue. “We were out of space,” Lepore added. “All of our filing cabinets were full, and that was just for active client paperwork. When clients came off of caseload, someone had to pull the documents and box them up. The boxes had to go somewhere. They were overflowing out of the back office with the oldest records moved into the attic space. The biggest problem is that many of our clients come off and on so often, we constantly had to retrieve the old files out of boxes to keep the records complete.”

Initial Solution

Digiscribe New England first began working with ABC in 2011 by scanning and indexing their inactive client records, consisting of approximately 150,000 pages, many in 3” thick binders. While they had multiple departments that were suffering from paper overload, this was the most painful area as boxes of client records were filling up the storage area quickly – with no end in sight. Scanning immediately reduced their pain by eliminating all of the paper. All resulting document images were uploaded into PaperVision Enterprise document management software from Digitech Systems and made available to senior management and the clinical staff. PaperVision is used to store, track, share, manage, and immediately access all electronic documents from any computer on ABC’s network. The owners of ABC also have VPN access to their files in the document management software.

What made PaperVision the right document management software for ABC? “We looked at a couple of different systems. We really needed something that my staff, especially our clinical staff, could easily use considering that they’ve never used a system like this before. We needed something user friendly and reliable. PaperVision was the best fit. With PaperVision, our Care Coordinators who are on the phone all day are now able to access a care plan from their desk and securely email or print it quickly and easily. It’s so easy to use, Digiscribe New England trained me how to use it and I was able to train everyone else here. This stimulated acceptance and usage of the system, which was not always the case with previous technology solutions.”

Solution Rollout

Scanning of the inactive records was just the beginning as this effort focused only on client files. What about managing the documents for accounts payable, accounts receivable and human resources?

To handle these ongoing needs, Digiscribe New England implemented a “day forward” scanning system by setting up three scanners in accounting and three more in human resources. All invoices, deposits, contracts, and HR documents are now scanned directly into separate folders within PaperVision as soon as they are received. Each of their 11 project folders has its own access rights, which is especially important to manage I-9s, W2s, medical records governed by HIPAA regulations, and other sensitive information. Additional project folders include:

  • Client accounts
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Tax
  • Payroll
  • Insurance
  • Benefits
  • Funders
  • Human resources

PaperVision is also used to upload and store authorization documents received electronically from ABC’s funder sources. Following scanning, all documents are shredded by The Arc of Massachusetts, who employs people with disabilities.

Productivity Increases & Cost Savings

By utilizing Digiscribe New England’s document scanning service and PaperVision, ABC no longer needs someone to file client paperwork for 2-3 hours per day or having the accounting manager spend the equivalent of one day a week copying checks and filing them in triplicate. This adds up to 1,000 hours of productivity and $35,000 in employee pay recouped every year that can be used to provide better care for their clients. Their current staff is happier as they are able to spend time on the more challenging and important work.

Additionally, all of the file cabinets have been moved out to make way for a comfortable new break room. Happy employees tend to be more effective, leading to further productivity gains—all without having to add headcount or increase costs.

“PaperVision and everything Digiscribe New England has done for us all makes us work better. Everything flows better. It’s definitely improved our quality of work life. I thought Susan Matthews was excellent to work with. She made our transition easy, and was accessible to help us with all the behind-the-scenes IT stuff,” said Lepore. She added, “Combined with implementing an automated time tracking system and using The Arc for shredding services, Digiscribe New England has helped us ‘go green’ and help other organizations in our community.”

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PaperVision and everything Digiscribe New England has done for us all makes us work better. Everything flows better. It’s definitely improved our quality of work life. I thought Susan Matthews was excellent to work with. She made our transition easy, and was accessible to help us with all the behind-the-scenes IT stuff.

Joan Lepore, CFO
ABC Home Healthcare
Wakefield, MA