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Ace Endico

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  • Distribution / Wholesale


  • Improve accounts receivable department productivity
  • Resolve customer billing issues quickly to improve cashflow
  • Improve customer service
  • Eliminate document storage costs and part-time clerical staff
  • Eliminate lost or misfiled documents


  • Outsource scanning and indexing of proof-of-delivery documents
  • Cloud document management software for secure storage, access, and sharing


  • Billing discrepancies and customer queries resolved in one phone call instead of taking weeks
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Eliminated warehouse storage costs as archived files were digitized
  • Reduced payroll expenses as part-time filing clerks no longer needed
  • Gained greater control of document security with access-level privileges, extensive audit trails, security logs, and utilization reports


Ace Endico, a leading, independent family-owned and operated food distributor in the tri-state area, needed a faster and more efficient way to handle customer billing issues. Employees were spending up to 30 minutes searching for proof-of-delivery documents, that were often misfiled or lost.

This paper-based, labor-intensive system was affecting the company financially, too. Payment discrepancies could take weeks to resolve, which was impacting cash flow and department productivity. The company had to hire two part-time clerks and pay to store archived proof-of delivery documents in warehouses.


All proof-of-delivery documents are now scanned and stored as indexed digital images on ImageSilo®, a secure, redundant cloud document management software with 24/7 access.

Thousands of active proof-of-delivery documents are picked up weekly, scanned and indexed at Digiscribe’s production facilities, and available by desktop in a quick 24 hours. Archived documents were also scanned and indexed, eliminating the need and expense to warehouse hundreds of boxes of files. The company now has greater control of document security with access-level privileges, extensive audit trails, security logs and utilization reports.

Ace Endico personnel can now retrieve any proof-of-delivery document directly to their desktop in less than three seconds, allowing billing discrepancies and customer queries to be resolved with one phone call. And by eliminating lost and misplaced files, the part-time filing clerks were no longer needed, which helped reduce payroll expense.

Ace Endico was so happy with Digiscribe’s paperless office solution, that they rolled it out to their accounts payable department.


  • Customer billing issues are now resolved in minutes, not days
  • Cash flow improved due to faster receipt of receivables
  • AR staff more productive, can concentrate on key tasks
  • Reduced payroll expenses
  • Eliminated warehouse costs
  • Enhanced document security
  • Documents are no longer lost or misfiled
  • Capital investment in hardware or IT infrastructure is not needed
  • More office space is available
  • Scalable solution easily rolled out to other departments
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In food distribution, deliveries are often made to the kitchen, so invoices and delivery receipts often get lost or never make it to the front office for processing. Digiscribe gives us more efficiency and speed in finding the information we need–it’s right at our fingertips. If there’s a problem or dispute, I can easily find and email the invoice directly to the customer. There’s no more misfiling, we use less filing cabinets and we were able to get rid of two part-time filing employees.

Michael Endico, Vice President
Ace Endico
Brewster, NY