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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions to help you learn more about Digiscribe and our processes.

What types of documents can you scan for me?

We scan all types, sizes, and volumes of documents including business documents, medical records, bound books, lab books, oversized and long documents, microfilm, and microfiche.

How can I estimate how many documents I have?

On average, a vertical file cabinet drawer holds 3,000 to 5,000 pages. A standard bankers box, 10” x 12” x 16”, holds up to 2,500 pages. Multiply the number of file drawers and boxes you have to get your estimated number of documents.

Will you scan one box or a single binder?

Our production facilities are designed for high volume and quick turnaround document conversion jobs for businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. We cannot accommodate jobs less than 25,000 pages, which is 10 standard bankers boxes.

Where are my documents scanned?

Your documents are digitized at our SOC 2 Type 2 production facilities located outside of New York City and Boston, MA.

For documents that absolutely cannot leave your premises, we sometimes scan at our clients’ facilities.

How long does it take to scan my documents?

Turnaround time is dependent upon the quantity of work, job specifications, and our facility production schedule. We work with you to ensure your turnaround needs are met.

What happens if all of my documents cannot leave my office at once?

We can create an ongoing pickup schedule with you for smaller shipments so scanning can be done on a rotating basis.

What happens if I need a document while it is at your facility?

Your requested document(s) will be scanned and securely transferred to you within a short period of time.

What do I have to do to get my documents to your facility?

Not much. We ask that you pack your documents in standard bankers boxes, 10” x 12” x 16”. If needed, we can ship the boxes to you. We provide a short guide with detailed packing instructions to ensure your documents are transported safely. We will arrange for the pickup of your boxes.

How do you transport my documents?

We provide secure dock-to-dock transportation with a bonded courier service that utilizes truck tracking devices or with our truck and driver for local pickups. For clients out of our local service areas, we partner with a national logistics transport company.

How do you determine pricing?

Our pricing is based on the quantity, size, and condition of your documents in addition to the quantity and types of index fields and output requirements.

What are your quality control procedures?

Quality control processes are built into our production process from the moment your documents arrive in our facilities to final delivery of your digitized documents and data.

We use proprietary tracking software to track the status and location of every job. Detailed job specifications are signed by our clients before we start any job. Best-in-class scanners deliver high quality images (many times better than the original) and prevent double feeds. Our skilled scanning technicians conduct visual quality control checks during the scanning process and quality control technicians check scanned images for completeness and accuracy. Double key indexing ensures accuracy. Our project managers run final data and images through steps to ensure accuracy, data integrity, and completeness.

Where will my documents be stored once they are scanned?

The best place to store and access your digitized documents is in document management software. The software can be cloud-based or installed on your internal servers. Our software integrates with most line-of-business systems including ERP, EMR, and HR software. Your documents can also be output to PDFs or other file formats for loading into other document management systems or software applications.

: How will I be able to find my documents once they are scanned?

We use a variety of indexing methods so that you can access your documents in seconds, including barcode sheets, double keying, zonal optical character recognition (OCR), full-text OCR, and match and merge services. We are so highly regarded within the industry for providing the highest quality indexing and data entry services that service bureaus across the country, including competitors, outsource their indexing and data entry work to Digiscribe.

How do you deliver the scanned documents to me?

Text: We can output your images and data in a variety of formats for uploading into whatever document management software or line of business application you are working with. The files are uploaded to you via a secure FTP (SFTP) site. We can also output PDF files and deliver them to you on hard drives, CDs, or DVDs for archival purposes.

What do you do with the documents once they have been scanned?

We store your scanned boxes in our facility at no charge for 60 days after delivery of your data and images. After that, we can securely shred the documents and provide you with a certificate of destruction, return them, or ship them to a long-term records storage facility. Most of our clients have their documents shredded.

How does your digital mailroom work?

Your paper mail is sent directly to a unique post office box and picked up daily by us. Your documents are immediately opened, scanned, and indexed and either delivered to you for further processing or placed into an automated workflow for review and actions to be taken by your staff. With a digital mailroom, you never have to handle paper mail again.

Can you receive and process my email as part of your digital mailroom service?

Sure. Your email is sent to a dedicated email box monitored by us. We open the mail and prepare the attachments, or embedded documents, for processing. Your digitally optimized and indexed email is either delivered to you for further processing or placed into an automated workflow for review and actions to be taken by your staff. With a digital mailroom, your inbox will never be overflowing again.

What document management software do you sell?

We are leading certified resellers of FileBound automation software, Digitech Systems electronic content management software, Vision360 Enterprise accounts payable automation software, and PSIGEN capture software.

Why should I work with Digiscribe?

Three reasons: experience, security, and our customer focus. We have over 30 years of expertise, multiple certifications, and top-tier partnerships with leading companies in document management. Our facilities have 24/7 surveillance, advanced IT infrastructures, HIPAA trained staff, and both of our production facilities are SOC 2 Type 2 audited. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all so our solutions are tailored to your business needs. Our comprehensive technical support and dedicated project managers provide you with a stress-free experience in going paperless.

How can I contact you to learn more?

Call us at 888.294.1965 or fill out the form below.

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