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Healthcare Success Story

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  • Healthcare / Medical


  • Speed up invoice processing times to allow for faster payment
  • Implement a unified, secure, and quickly accessible document management solution for all invoices
  • Reduce temporary staff needs and operating costs
  • Reduce invoice payment turnaround time
  • Eliminate data entry errors
  • Free up AP staff and supervisors to focus on core responsibilities and value-added work


  • Digital mailroom scanning for paper-based invoices
  • Email inbox processing for electronic invoices
  • Direct data keying


  • Reduced invoice time-to-pay to 24-48 hours
  • 99% data entry accuracy ensures consistently correct payment
  • Eliminated need for temporary staff
  • Easy AP integration = seamless hospital acquisitions
  • Easier monthly close

Executive Summary

One of the largest healthcare systems in the northeast United States that provides exemplary patient care in a major metropolitan area is also a premiere academic and research center.

As this medical center grew, they continued to acquire hospitals throughout the U.S., each with its own accounts payable department. These acquisitions meant the medical center was dealing with over 30,000 invoices every month and struggling to process and pay invoices accurately and on time, even with more than 16 temporary staff members on board to help. To handle the increased AP workload, they needed a more efficient invoice processing system.

By partnering with Digiscribe, this healthcare network was able to accomplish the following goals:

  • Eliminate paper with digital mailroom scanning services
  • Process electronic invoices upon receipt with email processing services
  • More accurately key data directly into accounting software for faster payment


Before implementing Digiscribe’s paperless AP solutions, the medical center’s accounts payable department found themselves with monthly invoice processing backlogs, even with all hands on deck from permanent staff members and more than 16 temporary employees hired specifically to help with accounts payable.

Not only did these processing backlogs cause payment delays, but the constant end-of-the-month rushes also resulted in accuracy issues due to increased data entry errors. In addition, with everyone in the department focusing on invoice processing, other more critical work was pushed aside, adding up to countless hours of lost productivity.


The medical center needed a digital solution that would help them process and pay their 30,000+ monthly invoices on time, assure accurate payments, and save money by reducing staffing needs.

They turned to Digiscribe for outsourced mailroom services, meaning all invoices would be scanned and digitized as they came in by mail. Making this change was straightforward; vendors were simply directed to send all invoices to a dedicated PO box monitored by Digiscribe instead of to their corporate address.

Now, Digiscribe picks up paper invoices daily from the PO box, brings them to their secure SOC 2 Type 2 document scanning facility to open, sort, and prep them for scanning. Each digitized invoice is quality controlled to ensure completeness and accuracy.

The medical center also relies on Digiscribe’s email invoice processing services. Much like with PO box scanning services, vendors who provide invoices via email are instructed to send them to a dedicated email inbox monitored by Digiscribe. From there, the Digiscribe team prepares the invoices for processing by stripping attachments from emails and breaking multiple invoices apart to allow each invoice to be processed separately.

Many companies implement digital mailroom services in conjunction with workflow automation for digital routing, approval, and processing of their invoices, but the medical center opted to have their scanned invoices keyed directly into their ERP system. This means that once invoices are scanned and prepared for indexing, Digiscribe keys the data directly into the hospital system’s accounting software, Oracle PeopleSoft, with 99% data accuracy for on-time payment.

This highly-accurate direct keying service means that rather than handling every invoice, the medical center AP staff now only need to handle exceptions, which are a small percentage of the total number of invoices. This not only eliminates data entry errors, it frees up key staff to focus on value-added work and has even allowed the medical center to completely eliminate the need for the 16 temporary AP staff they were using before partnering with Digiscribe.


  • Faster processing ensures invoices are paid within 24-48 hours
  • 99% data entry accuracy ensures correct payment
  • Easier monthly close
  • Reduced operating costs due to elimination of temporary staff and significant reduction in paper and storage costs
  • Strengthened vendor relationships thanks to consistent on-time payments
  • Elimination of late fees and duplicate payments
  • Automation allows AP staff, supervisors, and managers to remain focused on core responsibilities and value-added work
  • Seamless acquisitions: processing and paying invoices from newly acquired hospitals is easy thanks to digital mailroom services
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