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  • Paper-based filing system for case management and associated work tickets for dental prosthetics was slow and cumbersome
  • Lab technicians needed quick and easy access to work tickets throughout each stage of development and production
  • Paperwork orders cannot leave the lab at any time
  • Lab is running out of space and does not want to relocate


  • In-house document scanning and indexing software
  • Cloud document management software for the secure storage, tracking and management of files
  • Kodak document scanners


  • Technicians have immediate and continuous access to work tickets from within their line-of-business software, Labtrac
  • Faster order fulfillment and improved customer service
  • Reallocation of 30 square feet of office space by eliminating file cabinets

Solutions Used

Documents Document Scanning & Indexing

Documents Cloud Document Management Software

Documents Kodak Scanners

Documents Document Conversion Software

Documents Integration Services


JK Dental Laboratory Oral Design Center is a full-service prosthetic & cosmetic dental facility located in the metro New York area. Dentists nationwide rely on JK Dental to fulfill orders for JK veneers, crowns, bridges, and implant prosthetics for their patients.

With hundreds of orders being fabricated by the lab each month, JK Dental’s paper-based filing system for case management and associated work tickets was slow and cumbersome. They needed a more efficient process – one that would provide its 26 lab technicians with quick and easy access to each individual work ticket throughout each stage of development and production. It was mandatory for all documentation to stay on-site at all times.


Digiscribe developed an in-house solution that not only converted all documentation and images into easily managed and accessible electronic files, but also provided a seamless interface with JK Dental’s core software application, Labtrac.

Digiscribe provided the lab with its own scanning system consisting of a Kodak i1440 color scanner and Digitech’s PaperVision™ Capture software, a powerful, fully-automated document capture and indexing system. Using barcodes, key identifiers are automatically read and populated into index fields allowing for easy retrieval of everything pertaining to each work ticket. The Kodak i1440 scanner has an expanded array of Perfect Page image processing features capable of capturing color photographs in extremely high resolution as well as black and white text.

By scanning the work tickets and managing the electronic files in ImageSilo®, Digiscribe’s virtual electronic file room, JK Dental’s lab technicians can immediately access every work ticket at any stage of development directly from their computers. And with the integration of ImageSilo and Labtrac, managers and staff have immediate access to the work tickets directly from within Labtrac — with a single keystroke. (ImageSilo can easily be integrated with most leading business lab systems such as Labnet, Jenmar and others).

Benefits of this Digiscribe Solution

  • Critical technical and shade information available in seconds
  • Accurate custom shade records
  • Easy and immediate access to work tickets from within Labtrac
  • Better use of employee time
  • Improved processing of cases
  • Faster order fulfillment
  • Better, more responsive customer service
  • Regained office space: an additional 30 sq. ft. of office available with elimination of file cabinets
  • No capital expenditure or IT support required
  • Quick ROI

JK Dental Lab was so impressed with their new streamlined system they referred one of their affiliates, Jason Kim Oral Design New York, to Digiscribe. Jason Kim Oral Design New York now has their order packets scanned and uploaded into JK Dental Lab’s electronic file room on a quarterly basis.

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Accuracy at our level of quality is essential. Our records are doctor and patient specific…if a patient has a crown done now and then another one made 6 months or a year from now, we reference that information. You can imagine the increased efficiency of a couple of keystrokes versus searching through boxes!

Gail Broderick, MDT, Laboratory Director
JK Dental
Port Washington, NY