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Convert Microfilm and Microfiche to Digital Images

Microfilm and microfiche conversion gives you faster access, easier sharing, and protection from the elements.

Digiscribe's Secure Microfilm and Microfiche Conversion

We get it. You’ve been using microfilm for so long that going digital seems like a huge undertaking. Trust Digiscribe to handle your microfiche or microfilm conversion and enjoy the convenience of digital images instead of working with cumbersome physical formats.

We can scan and digitize any format:

  • COM
  • Jacketed
  • Step & Repeat
  • Rolls
  • Cartridges
  • 16mm
  • 35mm

Benefits of Digitizing Your Microfilm and Microfiche

  • View your digitized microfilm from any computer, laptop, or mobile device
  • Access the images you need quickly thanks to high quality indexing
  • Securely share your scanned microfilm with authorized individuals
  • Protect critical information and documents from physical destruction, loss, and misplacement
  • Eliminate the need for a microfilm reader/printer and costly replacement parts

Indexed Film Means No More Manual Searching

Once we’ve scanned your microfilm/microfiche, we index it with 99.5% accuracy guaranteed. You’ll be able to use your computer or mobile device to search your digitized microfilm and microfiche and find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds.


Go digital to save time and protect your delicate microfilm and microfiche

Digiscribe will be migrating to metasource.com »