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Business Processing Outsourcing

How smart businesses are ensuring business continuity in a more competitive and remote work environment.

What is BPO?

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is when an external service provider is hired to perform specific business processes or tasks that have historically been handled in-house. Digiscribe specializes in helping mid-to-large size companies digitally transform their operations as part of their business continuity and risk management plans. As a result, these companies can better receive, digitize, and manage a high volume of documents (such as invoices, work orders, insurance claims, and more) to reduce costs, improve relationships with customers and vendors, overcome barriers to growth, and overall run their business more efficiently and remotely.

How Outsourcing Companies Improve Your Business

Whether looking to outsource your entire business process or a specific segment, BPO can improve your bottom line in a number of ways:


Reduce Overhead Costs

Business process outsourcing reduces late fees, labor, operating, and real estate costs, and helps ensure businesses meet compliance requirements. Many accounts payable companies using BPO are able to reduce invoice processing costs from $15 to only $3 per invoice.


Operate Remotely

Keep information flowing throughout your company even with a closed office or remote workers. Our digital mailroom, scanning services, and cloud software make it easy for your staff to receive, access, and process documents from anywhere.


Efficient Document Processing

BPO streamlines and expedites the processing of documents, such as invoices, insurance claims and more. For example, the average invoice processing time drops from 45 to 5 days with digital mailroom services and accounts payable automation.


Improve Workforce Productivity

By introducing workflow automation and BPO, you lower costs, improve accuracy, increase employee retention, and reduce internal stressors, while enabling your employees to focus on work that brings more value to your company.


Overcome Growth Restraints

Outsourcing your mailroom and other processes helps you create a long-term strategy to handle fluctuations in growth with limited human and capital resources. Learn how a fitness company improved customer service while saving $70k annually.


Improve Relationships

Our clients saw an improvement in customer, vendor, and employee relationships thanks to a reduction in processing errors, faster onboarding times, and ease in finding invoices and other critical documents.


Make sure your BPO company can provide a SOC 2 Type 2 Report

Digiscribe BPO Services: A Digital Transformation for Your Business

Whether looking to cut backend overhead costs, optimize processing, or improve customer service and vendor relations, there are a number of ways a business process outsourcing service provider can provide:


Having trouble receiving incoming documents and distributing them to your remote employees? Digitize and electronically distribute your mail and emails with mailroom outsourcing–even when your office is closed.

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File cabinets waste valuable real estate and make it difficult to access files remotely. Scan documents so you can find and share them from anywhere using cloud software. Digiscribe helped an insurance company save $330k a year.

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Reduce time-consuming and labor intensive paper-based processes to boost your bottom line and make it easier for your team to effectively work from home. Digiscribe can help you streamline your AP processes by 90%.

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Cloud document management software helps you securely store, access, share, and track documents online, while making them easily accessible within seconds from anywhere.

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After your team has entered data into your system, we can act as an outsourced quality assurance department to ensure that data matches corresponding digital images of invoices, purchase orders, applications, and more.

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Have you considered workflow automation to help optimize your business?

Hear from Our Customers

We stopped the collection calls, and now we’re even pursuing discounted terms from our vendors. That’s all based on our new ability to pay on time, even with all of our new addresses and vendors. Based solely on those discounts, we estimate to save $70,000 in our first year.

Anton Akilov, Accounting Manager
EōS Fitness
Phoenix, AZ

Having a paperless system reduces stress, frustration and cost in any environment, but particularly where you need to have employees work both efficiently and effectively, in a timely fashion.

Paulette Wunsch, VP, Grievances & Appeals
Visiting Nurse Service of New York
New York, NY

When we get a call from the client, it’s not just the pleasure of solving their issue then and there (they expect it to take a few days), but we don’t have to hang up the phone and have a whole series of tasks we have to do, saving each employee 15-20 minutes per request at least a few times a day, across our client-facing employees.

Brian Tormey, COO, Executive VP
New York City, NY

In my experience, the hospitality industry can lag behind with technology because the focus is on the front of the house and service. We had already gone paperless on the back-end of the accounts payable process but we were looking to be more efficient on the front-end. We were looking for AP workflow automation, and Digiscribe came through for us.

Madaline Ansalone, VP & Corporate Controller
Denihan Hospitality Group
New York, NY

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