February 19, 2015 by Mitch Taube Categories: Industry News & Insights

These days, when it seems like we read about some new hack or data breach every few months (each one bigger than the last), the need for encrypting digital documents is becoming more important than ever.

While encryption doesn’t guarantee protection, it does add a layer of security that makes it more difficult for thieves to access. That’s why Digiscribe takes extra measures to encrypt all of our clients’ digital documents and data at multiple steps throughout our production and delivery processes, above and beyond the precautions that most companies take. These include:

  • Encrypting data while it’s being processed or stored on our servers and scanning stations
  • Encrypting data burned onto digital media, such as a CD, DVD or hard drive
  • Encrypted emails that ensure data can only be accessed via a log on a secure email server
  • All of the document scanning and storage software we use and recommend (ImageSilo, PaperVision Enterprise and FileBound) has encryption settings to keep data more secure throughout storage

The latest big data breach highlights the need for encrypted data

This February, The Wall Street Journal reported on a major hack on the U.S.’s second largest health insurer, Anthem — in which cyber thieves were able to steal the personal and private information of tens of millions of customers, including their social security numbers.

Unfortunately, as we know from reading the WSJ article, one of the ways that the hackers were able to gain access to Anthem’s data is because it wasn’t being encrypted during storage. If the information had been stored in an encrypted fashion, it would have been more difficult to breach, and less valuable to hackers in the case that a breach did occur.

Failing to encrypt stored data is a common industry practice, as keeping data encrypted makes it less useful, and most companies try to strike the balance between usability and security. And to be fair, HIPAA doesn’t require health insurance companies like Anthem to encrypt stored member data (it does require encryption of data that is being moved in and out of the insurer’s data, which Anthem does).

Still, this latest breach underscores the importance of keeping data encrypted from end to end, including during storage where it can often be most susceptible to cyber criminals.

This is yet another reason why we go above and beyond to keep your data and documents safe and protected, and why we are one of the first scanning companies in the NY tri-state area to receive our SOC 2 Type 2 Report.

To learn more about how Digiscribe keeps your digital documents and data more secure by employing encryption throughout our process, call us at (888) 294-1965, or schedule a free consultation.