May 15, 2014 by Mitch Taube Categories: Document Management, Office Automation

Cloud and mobile, changing patterns of work and consumerization are disrupting the traditional ways that information and content are created, processed and managed. In light of these disruptors, AIIM’s president, John Mancini, has posed 4 questions relative to how companies combine content and processes in new and unexpected ways. What follows are my thoughts on how document management and workflow automation software are helping to address these issues.

How do we manage the RISK of growing volumes of content?

As the volume of documents grow, you will need seamlessly expanding document management software that will help you securely store, access, share and manage all of your digital assets. Scalable cloud-based document management software offers one of the best ways to securely manage and control all of your document-based information and make it immediately accessible from any desktop or mobile device. Compared to cloud file sharing, document management software provides greater access control and security, stronger regulatory compliance and avoids multiple information silos – a real threat to managing growing volumes of content.

How do we TRANSFORM content-intensive business processes?

Workflow automation software is an effective way to incorporate content into streamlined and automated processes based on pre-defined business rules. Both alerts and intelligence, such as identifying documents missing in the new employee on-boarding process, help ensure the completeness and integrity of each business process. When combined with outsourced PO Box mailroom scanning services, incoming paper can be eliminated from the organization entirely and critical processes can be expedited.

How do we use content to better ENGAGE customers, employees and partners?

Once documents and other content are scanned, processed and stored in cloud document management software, they can be immediately accessed from any computer or mobile device to answer customer questions, provide employee information or share with a partner. Here are two examples of this powerful functionality:

  • Approved Storage & Waste gives their customers instant access on a self-serve basis to access their medical waste manifests
  • TitleVest provides a hyper-responsive level of customer service with immediate access to any document directly from the desktop

How do we get any business INSIGHT out of all the information we are gathering?

Reporting from both workflow automation as well as document management software gives managers and the executive team immediate access to and insight into the following information:

  • Where any document is in a process
  • Who has edited, emailed, shared or uploaded a document and when
  • How long processing takes
  • Where bottlenecks occur

Information That Works for You

The disruptors to how companies manage their content and processes present great opportunities to improve the way you do business. By managing the risk of growing volumes of documents with cloud document management software and transforming your business processes with workflow automation software, you are taking 2 key steps in keeping up with the trends that will define business for years to come.

Cloud document management and workflow automation software give you the added bonuses of better engaging with internal and external parties while providing insight into the entire workflow of how different documents are processed throughout your organization which allows you to identify areas that can be optimized.

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