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It’s the holiday season once again, and with it comes presents, food, and time with family. This is also the time of year when household waste increases by more than 25%. We love helping companies reduce paper with document scanning (and become greener in the process), so we went digging on the internet to find creative ways to reuse some products you’d normally throw away as creative gift wrap. Here are 4 of our favorite examples of how to reuse some everyday items.

Is That a Blueprint on My Present?

After scanning your large format documents such as blueprints or maps, what will you do with all that paper? One creative use is wrapping your holiday gifts with the documents and dressing them up with a bright, colorful bow.

Blueprint wrapping paper

Image & idea from Pinterest

Roll ‘Em Up

Gift cards are a quick and easy present for the pickier or harder-to-shop-for people on your list. Instead of buying a card or envelope to stuff the card in, why not use toilet paper rolls? It’s easy to dress them up with some ribbon or strips of recycled gift wrap.


Image & idea from Bells in Spires

Breakfast Never Looked So Good

Whether your morning breakfast comes out of a cereal box or a cylinder canister, it’s easy to dress up these containers for a creative gift box. Simply wrap up the container in recycled gift wrap, tie a ribbon on it, and you’re good to go!


Image & idea from The Gifted Blog

The Best Part of Waking Up

Many start their morning with a cup of coffee, but the containers they come in often aren’t useful for anything else. Simply soak your container in vinegar and water to remove the coffee smell and dress it up with some holiday themed pictures. Folgers has provided images for you to use and a blank template if you want to stretch your creative muscles.


Image & idea from Folgers

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We hope this has inspired you to think about other unconventional and creative ways to wrap not only holiday gifts, but presents year round. By reusing items we use every day, we reduce new waste from being created. The same applies in your business – by generating less paper documents, your company not only is helping the environment, but is also boosting efficiency and your bottom line.

Everyone at Digiscribe hopes you have a wonderful holiday season. We wish you every happiness this holiday season and throughout the upcoming new year.

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