November 27, 2018 by Mitch Taube Categories: Digital Mailroom

The most successful New York City businesses are always taking steps to expedite processes, decrease turnaround times, and enhance productivity to stay competitive. Companies in verticals including healthcare, hospitality, biotech, education, and more are all moving toward greater efficiency.

One thing that can help any New York company boost efficiency, regardless of industry, is implementing a digital mailroom. With a digital mailroom, your mail and email are directed to monitored inboxes, prepped, scanned or formatted, and indexed. Instead of having to open envelopes or download and print attachments, all the data and documents you need is sent directly to you, ready for processing.

Digital Mailrooms in NYC

Everyone in New York is in a hurry, so to please your customers, you’ve got to be fast and efficient, but still maintain quality and accuracy. Here are four ways a digital mailroom can help you do that:

One mail hub saves time and money

If you have multiple locations, receiving mail at each one and forwarding it to a central hub takes time. Outsourcing your mailroom eliminates the need to wait for forwarded mail, helping you process important documents faster so you can maintain your competitive edge.

By consolidating your mailroom with digital mailroom services, you’ll also save on real estate. In New York City, the price for commercial real estate averages about $72.74 per square foot, but can reach past $800 per square foot depending on location. Given that it takes up to 17 square feet to house a typical filing cabinet, going digital and storing important files with document management software instead could save you big bucks.

Automation makes reviews and approvals go faster

Outsourcing your mailroom lets you skip several tedious steps and get right to processing your important documents. Everything is sent to your monitored P.O. box, then scanned and indexed to be loaded into your ERP or document management software. From there, automation makes it easy to move documents around your organization for approval and processing.

In New York, speeding up the rate at which you process documents might even be the difference between closing a deal and losing out to your competitors. According to the NYC Quarterly Economic Update, leading economic indicators such as business condition—a measure of the current state of the economy from the perspective of business procurement professionals—imply continued growth throughout 2018. To keep up with that growth and remain competitive, implementing a digital mailroom will be crucial.

Scanning eliminates lost and misplaced documents

The process by which mail is received, distributed, opened, reviewed, and forwarded leaves a lot of room for error. The biggest of these mishaps include misplacing, losing, and damaging important documents. In very busy mailrooms and large NYC companies with offices on many floors, these mishaps happen more easily. The significant delays these issues cause are a non-issue with outsourced mailroom services. With your documents and data uploaded to your ERP or document management system, they’re completely secure and always right where you need them.

Digital date stamps create easier audits

With your NYC business moving a mile a minute, incoming paper mail is hard to keep track of. It makes proving date of receipt especially difficult when audit time rolls around, because date stamps on paper envelopes can easily be smudged and rendered unreadable. With mailroom scanning, each mailpiece can be digitally date stamped so you’ll be able to easily prove your response times during New York State or City audits. In addition to easier audits, having this information at your fingertips eliminates the need for staff to spend overtime preparing for an audit, saving you labor costs.

Handling spikes in mail volume is simple

A spike in incoming mail can be chaotic for your internal mailroom, leading to delays and a higher number of processing errors. Breakdowns in efficiency and accuracy can be detrimental to competitiveness and could even end up costing you money if you face late payment fees or non-compliance fines. A digital mailroom, however, is scalable and equipped to handle a sudden increase in volume so you can maintain speedy turnaround times.

Watch our digital mailroom video below for more about how outsourcing your mailroom could give your NYC business a boost:

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