March 1, 2016 by Mitch Taube Categories: Office Automation

New York City is a fast city, and this goes double in the business world. A New York minute seems to be getting shorter by the day.

Most successful businesses in New York are always taking steps to expedite processes, decrease turnaround times and enhance productivity to stay competitive. Companies in verticals including healthcare, hospitality, biotech, pharmaceuticals, education, manufacturing and more are all moving toward greater efficiency. This often includes mailroom services.

There are many benefits a digital mailroom brings to a company. In New York the premium on speed and efficiency, while maintaining quality and accuracy, is high, which makes the following benefits of digital mailroom services worth exploring further.

1. A single location for document receiving

If you have multiple locations, receiving invoices or other documents to all of them and then forwarding mail to a central hub takes time. Outsourcing your mailrooms eliminate the need to wait for forwarded mail, helping you to maintain your competitive edge.

As an aside, Digiscribe’s New York location is situated next to a post office annex—it’s hard to find faster delivery anywhere.

2. Expedited distribution process

Mailroom outsourcing removes a major time block. Everything is sent to your central mailroom post office box, and it’s scanned and indexed immediately for streamlined processing. Dealing with digital copies is much more efficient than passing paper from person to person.

3. Less loss

The process in which mail is received, distributed, opened, reviewed and forwarded leaves a lot of room for error. The biggest of these mishaps include misplacing, losing and damaging important documents. The significant delays these issues cause are a non-issue with outsourced mailroom services.

4. Proof of receipt

Again, NYC is moving at a mile per minute. Paper documents on file make it difficult to prove the date they were received, but digital date stamps with mailroom scanning are harder to alter, which means they are viewed as more reliable. If your timeliness and responsiveness is ever called into question with a complaint or audit, this is invaluable.

5. High volume conversion

A spike in incoming mail can be chaotic for your internal mailroom, leading to delays and a higher number of errors. This breakdown in efficiency and accuracy can be detrimental to competitiveness and could end up being costly. Your digital mailroom, however, is equipped to handle a sudden increase in capacity, providing high volume conversion and maintaining high turnaround times.

You now know why digital mailrooms are excellent for efficiency and speed. Now let our quick and easy infographic explain Digiscribe’s mailroom service.

View our mailroom infographic