October 9, 2014 by Susan Matthews Categories: Document Management, Solutions

Another school year is underway, making it a good time to review how to best manage all the paper forms and documents that pour into your school. There are 3 main reasons why document management makes sense to better manage your student, health and business records:

  1. Accessing and sharing documents instantly
  2. Reclaiming and repurposing office and storage space
  3. Complying with FERPA and HIPAA regulations

Achieve Instant Document Access

Document scanning allows you to transition from paper documents to digital images that are instantly available to superintendents, business managers, office personnel, medical staff and other authorized users from any computer or mobile device. Your scanned documents are stored, accessed and tracked in a centralized manner with document management software that can be hosted in the cloud or on your internal servers. If using the right document management partner, the software can be integrated with your school business management software as well.

Reclaim School Real Estate

Once your documents are digitized, filing cabinets and bankers boxes are no longer needed, freeing up the cubicles, basements and file rooms that were filled up by them. This space can be used more effectively in a wide variety of ways such as expanding classrooms or creating new offices, and your staff will never need to waste time to hunt down another document again.

Ensure FERPA & HIPAA Compliance

Electronic records can be found easier and faster than hunting through paper documents, which is especially useful when the auditors show up – just sit them down, give them temporary access and know that they can easily conduct an audit without a drain on your staff’s time. Document management software also provides audit trails and automated records retention scheduling helping you to be in compliance with regulatory guidelines.

How to Get an “A” in Document Management

The best way to ensure that your staff has Instant access to documents when they need them, to reclaim office space, and to comply with FERPA, HIPAA and other regulations is to work with an experienced document management partner – experience with both document management solutions and experience meeting the requirements of educational institutions.

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