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This is part of a series that highlights how companies in the New York metro area use technology to provide superior service and gain a competitive advantage.

Top Notch Fundraising & Management Services

Perry Davis Associates (PDA) provides high quality fundraising and management services for not-for-profits (NFPs), from event production and major grant solicitation to administrative assistance and training. PDA’s success is largely made possible by their use sophisticated digital tools to serve clients more effectively in the following areas:

  • Rapid information transfer
  • Accurate and on-time tracking/reporting
  • Most importantly: increasing the depth and breadth of research to “find a path to donors,” which combines both digital research tools and PDA’s expertise in finding the right connections

How Next Generation Fundraising Technology Uncovers New Donor Opportunities

In order to ensure fundraising success for their clients, PDA utilizes multiple digital tools to give them insight into potential donors, and to identify connections not seen by others that are likely to yield positive results:

  • Donor Databases: GuideStar and FC Online provide fast access to organized reports, tax documents and contact information for charitable foundations, corporations and individuals
  • Cutting Edge Donor Tools: Rel-Sci utilizes a new and proprietary algorithm that lays out a course of connections between NFPs and their prospects, while iWave presents detailed and exportable search results on charities, individuals and institutional donors

Using Donor Management Tools to Keep Donors Engaged

Once donors are solicited, they need to be cultivated effectively to maintain and expand funding and support. PDA uses both email management platforms and customer relationship management (CRM) software (as applied to NFPs) to make this easier:

  • Email Management: MailChimp and Constant Contact are used by PDA to reach out to their client’s donors and subscribers, and also to gather behavioral data for analyzing and producing more effective outreach
  • CRM: with SalesForce, PDA captures all information for both donors and prospects from across a NFP’s web outlets to link online applications, view a more detailed picture of each donor and the overall prospective donation pipeline, and to make this information available in real time to the NFP’s staff

How Google Apps for Non-Profits Helps PDA Merge Passion with Technology

Thanks to Google’s tremendous infrastructural power and socially conscious Apps for Non-Profits, PDA is able to both reduce their digital services costs and increase productivity. With the speed of the internet and their clients’ passion, PDA is able to disseminate and collect information with accuracy and bottom-line impact.

Why Technology Matters for NFPs

As of 2013, there are over 1.5 million not-for-profits that generate over $335 billion from fundraising. The good news: Americans are more philanthropic than ever. The bad news: this has intensified competition between not-for-profits exponentially. This is why the services of Perry Davis Associates are so important, and why their use of technology is so critical: sophisticated digital tools make it possible for PDA to help their clients achieve their mission more effectively than ever before. Contact us to learn how your not-for-profit can leverage technology to reach new heights.

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