September 3, 2013 by Mitch Taube Categories: Solutions

While eClinicalWorks and other leading EMR providers do an excellent job in creating an electronic system for providing a higher level of patient care and efficiency, they typically do not provide an easy way to scan and import existing medical records into their system. This is where document scanning services and document management software come in.

Leverage Your EMR Investment

Implementing an EMR system takes a lot of money and time. Easy access to older patient files is crucial for you to get the most out of your EMR investment. Medical record scanning allows you to digitize all existing patient files and securely store, access and track them directly from an EMR interface integrated with document management software. As a result, medical practitioners can search and retrieve any chart or document from within your EMR system, including eClinicalWorks, via a hotkey without having to leave the EMR interface. In this way, document management software allows you to leverage your EMR investment by providing an easy way for you to access older patient files directly through the EMR.

Medical Chart Scanning

Here are three good options for scanning your patient charts and integrating them with an EMR system. Some medical practices use a combination of all three:

  • Outsourcing: charts can be scanned and indexed by an experienced document management company at their facility for expedited handling according to your patient scheduling needs.
  • In-House Solution: scan your medical files yourself with a document scanner, document scanning software and document management software that acts as a “virtual” file room, although this typically takes much more time and man-hours than anticipated.
  • Hybrid: have a document scanning provider scan your backfile of legacy charts and have them implement an in-house scanning solution for all incoming paperwork on a day-forward basis.

Finding the Right Partner

To identify a qualified medical chart scanning company, we recommend finding one that offers the following:

  • Experience working with patient records and medical groups
  • Flexibility to offer options of scanning your charts on or off-site and implementing a cloud-based or in-house document management system
  • Ability to integrate document management software with eClinicalWorks and other EMR systems

Finding a partner with these capabilities will help you fully leverage the power of your EMR system.

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