July 8, 2014 by Mitch Taube Categories: Document Scanning

When scanning documents, you need to ensure you can quickly find and retrieve them  afterwards. Indexing achieves this by capturing unique information from each document such as invoice number, date, vendor name and PO number for accounts payable as well as name, address and social security number for human resources. It’s important to automate this process as much as possible when there are multiple index fields and millions of records to ensure accuracy and minimize exceptions, which are records with incomplete or questionable information in the index fields.

Variable lookup indexing (VLI) is an advanced indexing option that simplifies a complex and time-consuming process. VLI differs from standard indexing processes of populating index fields by combining layers of automation involving database look-ups with a manual review processes. VLI is only offered by the most experienced document scanning companies.

Reducing Exceptions

Exceptions occur when no match is found between an index field and a database, such as trying to match someone’s name to a social security number. This may result in having to manually research and process these records. VLI minimizes exceptions by using multiple databases to populate index fields. The lower the exception rate, the more complete and accurate the indexed fields ensuring faster and more dependable retrieval of your scanned documents – which means less headaches for you.

Choose Your Document Scanning Partner Wisely

If your documents require several indexing fields, some of which can be automatically populated via auto-matching with a large number of records across multiple databases, VLI can dramatically cut indexing time, minimize errors and minimize exceptions that you will need to resolve. Example applications include scanning and indexing large quantities of social services documentation, collection agency client files and human resource documentation.

The complexity of VLI means that few document scanning companies are able to recognize when it can be used effectively and utilize it, so make sure to look for one with a proven track record.

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