March 22, 2016 by Mitch Taube Categories: Office Automation

Improving office productivity is important for almost every business, especially in New York. In this fast paced, competitive city, it’s an asset to have a responsive, nimble team for all departments, including human resources and accounts payable.

If you haven’t heard already, office automation happens to be one of the leading ways to improve productivity. It cuts costs, cuts time and keeps your employees focused on their work. Office automation takes many forms, but here are 4 ways I recommend using automation to enhance your office productivity today.

1. Take Your Document from Paper to Digital

Handling a lot of paperwork is a top productivity killer for nearly every department in a multitude of ways. Finding physical documents can be a time consuming process, especially if documents are stored off-site. Major slowdowns can also occur if critical paper documents need to be shared with multiple people. However, one of the biggest problem is lost documents. Recreating lost documents or waiting for a new copy of them can be time consuming, if it’s even possible. With document conversion to digital, there are no lost documents, and you can easily and immediately locate and share critical documents.

2. Utilize Cloud Document Management Software

Your staff can be so much more productive if information is easily accessible. Using the cloud for document management software, and integrating this into your business system, allows for immediate access to important information even remotely and on mobile devices. This ease of access is becoming even more important as more and more companies support remote workers.

3. Get Started with Mailroom Scanning Services

Receiving and processing of any and all important documents that come into your organization can be expedited greatly with mailroom scanning services. By using a digital mailroom, processing times can be drastically reduced, in part because mail is no longer being forwarded and moved manually around your organization.

Mailroom scanning services basically have five steps, but your outsourced mailroom takes care of those for you. It starts with all of your mail being received daily at your dedicated post office box, and it ends with all of your digital documents being delivered for processing in 48 hours or less.

4. Let Workflow Automation Software Take the Lead

With workflow automation software, the routing of information and documents, and the actions to be taken with these, becomes hands off. Instead of employees needing to do the distracting task of routing documents, such as received invoices in need of payment processing, the automation software does it for you. With the example of AP processing, scanned invoices would be automatically routed through the department for review, approval and payment. This lets employees stay on task and be more productive.

Alone, or in conjunction with each other, these office automation methods can all enhance productivity. In turn, productivity can enhance a business’ bottom line.

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