November 13, 2014 by Susan Matthews Categories: Solutions

We text while we wait for coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts. We listen to voicemail while unloading our Wegman’s shopping carts. We even peek at our emails while our future professional basketball-playing-toddler attempts a jump shot during his YMCA basketball class. Multitasking: We’ve become a society of professional multitaskers, where no minute is spared. While the opportunity to do more than one thing at once may seem ideal, multitasking can hurt more than it helps.

Take medical offices, for instance. Balancing clerical tasks with confidential patient file management is no easy feat. Throw in converting medical records to an EMR system, and even the most diligent office worker’s day becomes laborious.

Yet many medical offices do not employ staff specifically for document scanning. Therefore, scanning cannot be easily or quickly done in bulk. Staff may have to start, stop and restart the process as a result, introducing the possibilities for errors.

A cost- and time-efficient solution does exist. Outsourcing your scanning needs to a document scanning company allows you to quickly and completely scan large quantities of medical records so your office has completed digital patient folders in a short period of time.

Just send your medical charts in bulk to a document scanning company, which will prep, scan, index and upload the files to document management software that can be integrated with your EMR software. If a doctor needs a record during processing, the scanning company must be able to quickly email or fax you an encrypted document without disrupting the scanning process. Any new papers that come in after the file has been scanned can be added by scanning directly into the patient’s folder that is stored and accessed on document management software.

Remember, it is very important to work with a HIPAA compliant trained document scanning company. That means that patient’s health information is securely handled while in the document scanning facility.

If it still seems more cost-effective to scan in-house, it’s not. Think about it. If your current staff scans in addition to their regular duties they need to be trained on scanning and indexing. This takes time, resources and money. What about proper equipment? Does your office have production level scanners and software or multi-function printers and slow desktop scanners?

What if a doctor needs a patient file in the middle of scanning? Then the scanner loses track of what has and has not been scanned. The scanner wastes time comparing documents in the paper medical chart to the digitized documents or worse starts over and creates duplicate images.

It is much easier to employ a professional, dedicated group of people focused just on your scanning project, rather than an employee who can “fit it in.” Outsourcing the job of converting medical records to an EMR system helps your office be more efficient and saves you money and time.

Better yet, outsourcing let your staff focus on the jobs they were hired to do. After all, they can multitask after work.

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