November 16, 2014 by Mitch Taube Categories: Office Automation, Solutions

Credentialing specialists understand details. From verifying medical staff credentials to ensuring that a service provider, healthcare facility or insurance company complies with federal and state regulations regarding licensure and certification of medical professionals, credentialing specialists have no shortage of data to maintain.

If that’s not enough, ensuring that healthcare providers update their certification or licensing on time, and processing new applications for physician privileges to a facility also falls on the credentialing specialist’s shoulders.

Managing Different Rules, Different Deadlines

Keeping on top of the renewal process, for example, at a large insurance company representing hundreds of thousands of doctors can be daunting. As all credential specialists know, there is a limited time period for credential completion and approval. Each state has different rules, requirements and deadlines for documentation. Therefore, proper credentialing management is critical in meeting regulatory guidelines, ensuring compliance—and avoiding fines.

Document management and workflow automation software automate and streamline the credentialing process to help healthcare facilities and providers meet regulatory guidelines, cut costs and improve efficiency. Workflow automation software can kick off an automated process based on a renewal date, at which time notification can be sent to the credentialing or human resources department.

Workflow Automation Software Keeps You Alert

Some robust workflow automation software, such as FileBound Enterprise, can even alert credentialing specialists as to what documents are missing from a file to help ensure a particular file is complete and all items are verified. Credentialing documents can be provided, tracked and processed via e-form, electronically or hard copy to be scanned.

Compliance specialists can easily, securely and quickly retrieve credentialing documents stored in document management software and manually set off the process of knowing what credentials are needed, what are on file, what’s missing, and what needs to be renewed by whom and by when.

Document management software also offers 24/7 access from any web browser or mobile device. A compliance specialist can review the baseline and start communication to update credentials, virtually from anywhere.

Tailor-made Solution

For healthcare facilities, service providers and insurance companies it is imperative to manage, track and securely store their practitioners’ credentials such as licenses and certifications. Document management software and workflow automation software is a tailor-made solution to help credentialing specialists securely and efficiently keep details in check.

When it comes to credentialing—it’s the little details that count most.

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