August 9, 2016 by Mitch Taube Categories: Solutions

Vital records books are incredibly important to a municipality’s local culture and history. They’re also huge, difficult to handle and often very, very old. From birth and death certificates to property rights and ownership deeds, the information in these records can go back centuries; in some cases, it feels like the books themselves do, too.

Because of this, vital records books are a perfect candidate for document scanning. Digitizing these essential but often fragile and poorly-protected books preserves their information while also making it more accessible. The benefits of document scanning have truly transformative potential for vital records archiving and searches.

Ease of Access

Digitized copies of vital records books can be stored on document management software and retrieved with the click of a button. Records can be accessed within seconds, which not only makes the process of finding the information much more efficient but improves responsiveness to records requests.

Even better, when stored in cloud-based management software, vital records are immediately available from both computers and mobile devices. This is a great alternative to having to search through the original bulky, cumbersome books in those dank, dusty corners of the local archives.

Preservation and Security

In addition to convenience, digitized records are also better protected than paper documents. Books can be destroyed in a fire or flood, or can grow so old the pages simply disintegrate from years of use and storage under adverse conditions. Once scanned, on the other hand, information is preserved in digital form.

It is important that a document scanning company knows how to ensure the security and confidentiality of your vital records while in their facility. Be sure to work with a SOC 2 Type 2 scanning partner who has the controls and processes in place to handle and protect the information in these books with no loss of access while being digitized.

Vital Records Scanning is a No-Brainer

Municipalities that scan their vital records books keep the important information contained therein safer and more accessible than ever before. Digitization brings historical information storage and retrieval into the modern age.

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