March 25, 2014 by Susan Matthews Categories: Document Management

Measuring staff productivity and establishing accountability with key performance indicators (KPIs) can be a major challenge. Most organizations track some KPIs, such as the number of invoices or orders processed per hour per employee. Even this reporting can leaves gaps so big that the information may not be meaningful, especially if there is no way to determine accuracy, due to manual tracking.

In a perfect world, you would have a mechanism for accurately and automatically tracking KPIs that don’t bog down either employee or manager. Is this possible? Yes, with workflow automation software.

Gain Visibility into Your Business Processes

Every business process within your organization has a workflow. It may involve a paper invoice going through various levels of approval, traveling from one person’s desk to another while hopefully getting to its final destination in time. With limited insight into where an invoice is in the process, this can mean missed early payment discounts or even double payment.

Workflow automation software streamlines this by automatically routing the invoice from one employee to another for action to be taken based on your business rules. Management has complete visibility and can see how far along this and any other process is and who is currently responsible for moving the process along to the next step.

Identify Processing Bottlenecks

Once your processing workflows have been automated, you can easily and automatically track the KPIs that are most meaningful to your business such as the number of early payment discounts you are taking or orders processed in 24 hours. The automated workflow can give you insight into how long an invoice takes to go from receipt to payment and identify which employees are holding up the process. This makes it easier to identify exactly where the bottlenecks are and deal with problems head-on.

A Powerful Combination

Workflow automation software is a function of document management software, the combination of which allows you to both streamline all of your business processes and have a secure document archive with instant search and retrieval capabilities from any computer with cloud document management. By harnessing workflow automation and document management software together, you are able to create accountability of your staff to easily identify bottlenecks and ensure your business processes are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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