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Go Paper Free with Document Scanning

With digital imaging, your efficiency is increased, your real estate, and labor costs reduced, and your document security enhanced.

Our Document Scanning Process


A SOC 2 Type 2 Report is critical when choosing a document scanning company

Trust Digiscribe's Document Scanning Services

Document scanning reduces paper, improves efficiency, and automates processes throughout your organization. No matter the size, type or volume, Digiscribe’s HIPAA trained technicians securely and accurately convert your documents into digital images for easy and secure access and processing.


Scan invoices in the mailroom to expedite processing, retrieve them easily from within your accounting system and store them securely.

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Convert paper-based employee records into electronic files to better meet compliance guidelines.

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Convert existing medical records to digital files in compliance with HIPAA for retrieval from within your EMR system.

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Digitize and protect your lab notes, research books, intellectual property, and research protocols.

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How Document Scanning Works

Our Place or Yours?

Your documents can be scanned at our highly secure document scanning production facilities just outside of New York City and Boston. Documents that cannot leave your premises can be scanned at your location by our highly skilled technicians using our production level document imaging software and document scanners. Either way, our team focuses on delivering cost-effective solutions with a focus on quality and personal service.

Optimize Business Processes with Document Scanning

Instead of digging through boxes and rifling through file cabinets, find the documents you need in seconds on your computer or mobile device. With document imaging, your paper documents are converted into digital images which can be securely stored on your server or in the cloud.

Once scanned, we index your documents with 99.5% accuracy guaranteed. With options like barcode indexing or optical character recognition indexing (OCR), you’ll be able to search your digitized documents and find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds. We can even quickly digitize handwritten information from microfilm, surveys, and more.

Find The Document You Need In Seconds

Document indexing allows for the quick and easy retrieval of your scanned documents. Search on any value you’d like, such as invoice number, customer name, data field, document type, and more. Thanks to optical character recognition (OCR), our imaging technology can convert scanned documents and electronic files like PDFs or digital images into fully searchable text documents. This means you can do full text searches to identify keywords and how often they appear in context, share data across applications to streamline communications and workflow, and avoid the time and cost manual data entry, plus all the corresponding errors that go along with it.

Find what you need in no time with any of our highly accurate indexing processes:

  • Barcodes
  • Automated data capture software
  • OCR
  • Match and merge
  • Double key
  • Variable lookup

Spend less time searching and more time working

What Our Clients Say

We have made great progress in eliminating paper and increasing access to information. This is how one does business today, given available technology and the desire for efficiency and flexibility.

Lee Botnick, Senior VP Human Resources
Educational Alliance
New York, NY

Having a paperless system reduces stress, frustration and cost in any environment, but particularly where you need to have employees work both efficiently and effectively, in a timely fashion.

Paulette Wunsch, VP, Grievances & Appeals
Visiting Nurse Service of New York
New York, NY

We were pretty much drowning in paper and people were not able to find documents effectively. After searching for a document it would finally be found under something on someone’s desk because they were working on an amendment. A lot of wasted time to answer a 5 second question.

Exec. VP/Managing Director
Madison Pension Services
Purchase, NY

Bringing You Our Best

With over 30 years of expertise, multiple certifications and top-tier partnerships, Digiscribe delivers the document management solutions you need to propel your business forward.

Your Information Is Safe With Us

With 24/7 surveillance, an advanced IT infrastructure, HIPAA trained staff and a SOC 2 Type 2 facility, we don’t compromise anything when it comes to the security of your documents.

When You Win, We Win

We listen to your needs and tailor a customized solution just for you–at Digiscribe we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. And with a single point of contact and comprehensive technical support, the process is stress-free from start to finish.