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Accounts Payable Automation

Expedite processing, reduce costs, and increase efficiency from invoice receipt through payment.

Save Time and Money with a More Automated Accounts Payable Process

No matter how you choose to apply automated accounts payable solutions to your office, automation will help you eliminate the manual and unnecessary steps that are holding your business back.


Digiscribe can manage invoices sent to your office or electronically to an inbox from receival through payment. Your staff no longer has to open, prep, scan, sort, process, and pay these invoices; from a secure, offsite location we manage everything for you.

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Your electronic and scanned invoices are automatically routed throughout  your organization for review and approval based on your business rules for processing, payment, and exception handling.

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Securely store, access, and track your processed invoices from anywhere on internally-hosted or cloud-based document management software integrated with your accounts payable software for one-click viewing.

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How Digiscribe's Digital Mailroom Saves You Time & Money

How Accounts Payable Automation Works

Normally, incoming invoices have to be received in your mailroom, opened by your mailroom staff, compared to the PO, routed, coded, approved, and manually entered into your ERP/GL coding software. All of this comes with overhead costs, manual errors, and the difficulty of getting this data from the physical mailroom or digital inbox to your remote team.

With an outsourced mailroom service provider, the invoices are sent to a secure, offsite PO Box or digital inbox where Digiscribe’s trained team receives, opens, preps, scans, and indexes this information into your ERP/GL coding software or completes payment.

Five blue and white horizontal circle icons, envelope, processing, data capture, data entry, and workflow showing the process for accounts payable automation
Five blue and white vertical circle icons, envelope, processing, data capture, data entry, and workflow showing the process for accounts payable automation

Automated Payment is Now Possible with Nvoicepay

Through Digiscribe’s partnership with Nvoicepay, accounting departments can significantly reduce the time and effort it takes to pay invoices, whether they are working from home or in the office. Instead of selecting a payment in your ERP, completing multiple payment runs, fielding vendor questions, managing and reworking any payment exceptions, and reconciling payments with an automated system you simply select and approve invoices, the system pulls funds, and payments are automatically reconciled. This reduces the workload of your team, minimizes errors, and improves customer service and vendor relationships all while instead, your team focuses on business critical tasks.

Three blue and white horizontal circle icons, invoice, transferring funds, and checkmark showing the process for invoice payment
Three blue and white vertical circle icons, invoice, transferring funds, and checkmark showing the process for invoice payment


Watch our webinar with Nvoicepay on how business process outsourcing ensures business continuity

Automated Invoice Processing Makes Improvements That Add Up

  • Spend more time managing exceptions rather than doing repetitive work
  • Grow without having to increase payroll for administrative personnel
  • Improve cash management with instant visibility into outstanding invoices and payments in process
  • Eliminate manual data entry and corresponding errors and labor costs
  • Take advantage of early payment discounts and avoid duplicate and late payments
  • Seamless integration with SAP, Oracle, Sage MAS, Sage 50, Microsoft Dynamics GP, QuickBooks, and other ERP systems
  • Remotely receive, open, prep, and scan business critical documents, so your team can access them anywhere with shorter processing times

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What Our Clients Say

Implementing a document management system for our accounts payable department wasn’t as much about payback as it was about efficiency, access to information and making people productive.

Tom Felderman, VP of Finance
Denihan Hospitality Group
New York, NY

In food distribution, deliveries are often made to the kitchen, so invoices and delivery receipts often get lost or never make it to the front office for processing. Digiscribe gives us more efficiency and speed in finding the information we need–it’s right at our fingertips. If there’s a problem or dispute, I can easily find and email the invoice directly to the customer. There’s no more misfiling, we use less filing cabinets and we were able to get rid of two part-time filing employees.

Michael Endico, Vice President
Ace Endico
Brewster, NY

I have enjoyed working with Mitch Taube [CEO] and James Richardson [VP Sales] over the years and feel we made some great progress in advancing the AP operations area at the medical center. I appreciate the support and readiness to work together you both displayed.

Senior Director
Major Metropolitan Medical Center

Bringing You Our Best

With over 30 years of expertise, multiple certifications and top-tier partnerships, Digiscribe delivers the document management solutions you need to propel your business forward.

Your Information Is Safe With Us

With 24/7 surveillance, an advanced IT infrastructure, HIPAA trained staff and a SOC 2 Type 2 facility, we don’t compromise anything when it comes to the security of your documents.

When You Win, We Win

We listen to your needs and tailor a customized solution just for you–at Digiscribe we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. And with a single point of contact and comprehensive technical support, the process is stress-free from start to finish.

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