September 17, 2013 by Mitch Taube Categories: Office Automation, Solutions

Have you ever been concerned that your company’s ordering process is too difficult, time-consuming or overly complex? This can kill a business in today’s competitive environment. How do you ensure that orders are placed and fulfilled quickly and easily, are never lost and that the overall positive experience leads to even more orders being placed? Electronic forms are the answer.

Paperwork Eliminated in Four Simple Steps

Using electronic forms, or e-forms, instead of paper shortens the time your customer takes to place orders and for your sales or customer service team to process them in just four simple steps:

  1. A customer fills out an e-form from a computer, tablet or smartphone. The e-form can have predefined fields with drop-down menus to save time and avoid incorrect data from being entered. Other fields can be automatically populated, such as the company name and address, based on an entry in another field, such as a customer number.
  2. Your company receives the completed e-form within a secure office automation system.
  3. The completed e-form automatically kicks off an order fulfillment workflow without needing human intervention.
  4. E-form data is automatically collected, scrubbed, reviewed, processed, and passed into order fulfillment, software such as Oracle, to continue the order process.

One of the main differences between e-forms and paper forms is that 100% of paper forms received by fax, email and mail require manual human intervention to kick off processing. With e-forms, the order receiving process is entirely automated, making it possible to streamline and expedite the order fulfillment process and limit human intervention based on business rules – e.g. approving credit lines over a certain amount and handling other exceptions.

Expedite Your Order Fulfillment Process

  • Automatic order validation checkpoints prior to order finalization
  • Integration with order fulfillment software (e.g. Oracle) so that data is automatically captured rather than entered manually
  • Management insight into processing efficiency and potential bottlenecks
  • No need for human intervention to begin the order fulfillment process
  • Elimination of long processing times and the back-and-forth so common with paper forms due to missing or erroneous form information

Experience Best Practices

For shortened fulfillment times, increased accuracy and minimal human intervention, the use of e-forms can turn your order fulfillment capability into a competitive advantage—especially when combined with workflow automation and cloud document management software.

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