July 6, 2012 by Mitch Taube Categories: Document Scanning

As you prepare for that upcoming office move—and start making the arrangements for packing, the movers, setting up internet accessibility and telecommunications, forwarding the mail, etc.—just ask yourself: do you really want to move all those file cabinets?

Though it can be a headache, moving is an opportunity to finally do something with all those paper documents—especially with many companies moving into less space than before—and both document scanning and document management can eliminate the need for all file cabinets and the office space they tie up.

With document scanning, all the information trapped on paper can now be liberated once converted into digital form, especially when using advanced document capture for optical character recognition (OCR) to automatically extract text. At best, paper documents are time-consuming to find. At worst, they are often lost.

With document management, all this electronic information can now be instantly accessible throughout your organization, which can also be quickly, easily and securely backed up either on-premise or in the cloud. At best, paper documents can be copied and mailed (if they can be found). At worst, they can be destroyed by a little bit of water.

As reported in the AIIM whitepaper, The Paper Free Office: Dream or Reality?, electronic-only filing would halve the storage space needed for paper in five years. The average proportion of office space taken up by paper is now 15.3 percent, and it would drop to 7.4 percent with an all-electronic filing policy—a savings of nearly 8 percent in overall office costs.

Organizations also want a fresh start, with their new office looking clean and contemporary for both clients and staff, instead of being cluttered by file cabinets and boxes.

Instead of moving them, we recommend that you consider having a document conversion provider scan all paper documents in your file cabinets and upload them into a document management system. You’ll be glad you did.

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